Anne Boleyn on the Internet

Anne Boleyn on the Internet

We’re at the discussion stages of the film now and trying to find interviewees for the film. After six months of news days and having to find obscure interviewees on the day for topical stories, the response we’ve had from members of the Anne Boleyn community has been a pleasant surprise!

At the moment we’ve been searching for the key online sites for Anne Boleyn fans and there are some very interesting websites, which we’re going to share with you today!

The first is The Anne Boleyn Files, a site run by British writer, researcher and historian Claire Ridgway in Spain. Not only does the site have interesting articles about the Tudors but you can also   buy Anne merchandise and even sign up to Tudor tours or the Anne Boleyn fellowship.

The second site is On The Tudor Trail, a Tudor site run by Australian Natalie Grueninger. Natalie says that her interest in the Tudors started in 2000 when she stepped through the gates into the Tower of London. This is a similar site with interesting posts about the Tudors and you can also buy products and go on a summer progress.

There are many websites dedicated to Anne but these two seem to be the main hubs for fans. They are well worth a look- I lost a few hours going through both of these websites!

Charli Burden

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