Alison Weir

We travelled to Carshalton today in the glorious sunshine to interview historian and author Alison Weir.

Alison Weir on camera

Alison is the biggest selling female historian in the UK since records began in 1997. She has sold more than 2.3 million books with 1 million of those in the UK alone. She specialises in Tudor history and wrote The Lady in the Tower: The Fall of Anne Boleyn.

I was joined by lovely camera-woman extraordinaire Becca Attfield as we interviewed Alison in her very impressive library.

The interview was extremely interesting as Alison spoke with great passion and detail about why Anne has developed such a following. In her opinion, Anne has become a celebrity to the extent that surpasses any other historical figure.

However, Alison spoke about her worry that Anne’s legacy will be damaged by fans who hold her as a role model for young women. She said that it is impossible for a woman who lived 500 years ago in an extremely different society to be an inspirational figure. Alison also expressed her despair about how historically inaccurate recent portrayals of the Tudors have been.

Alison (and her very friendly cat!) could not have made us feel more welcome and it was a pleasure to meet her. It certainly satisfied the history geek in me as I’d used her books for my dissertation and  read her novels on holidays. Alison also was kind enough to let us pick a copy of one of her books to keep for ourselves so I now have a brand new copy of Mary Boleyn. I think I was still grinning like an idiot for hours after meeting her!

We will post the interview with Alison on the website once it has been edited.

Alison’s new novel A Dangerous Inheritance will also be published this year, which is about Lady Katherine Grey. For more information about Alison, visit her website.

Charli Burden

  1. Rachel McNEil said:

    Talk about a fantastic opportunity! 😀 And you got a free book too! I totally want her library it looks amazing x

    • Charli Burden said:

      It really was an amazing library! I was incredibly jealous. She was such a lovely, friendly lady!

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