Claire Ridgway & The Anne Boleyn Files

Historical researcher Claire Ridgway runs the website The Anne Boleyn Files from her family home with husband Tim and three children in Almeria, Spain. Kathryn and I made a very flying visit (literally!) out to visit them to interview Claire and find out more about the website.

After waking up in the painful early hours of Saturday morning, it was a relief to touchdown in sunny Spain, especially when Tim then picked us up and drove us through the beautiful Spanish mountains. We arrived to an idyllic mountainside village, one straight off the back of a postcard, and got to know the family on their rooftop terrace. It certainly made a lovely change from the English weather, despite Claire and Tim’s protestations that the weather out there was still cold. (My pink nose begs to differ!)

Claire’s passion for Tudor history shines through the second you start talking to her. The idea for the website came to Claire in a dream. In the middle of the night, she woke up her husband Tim and told him that in her dream she’d been at the execution of Anne Boleyn and she now had to set up a website, called The Anne Boleyn Files, to find out the truth about Anne Boleyn. The website started getting significant numbers of hits within months and it grew from there.

Claire recently published her first book called The Anne Boleyn Collection in February 2012. It sold very well, very quickly and made it to the Amazon bestsellers. Her second book will be out this month and it is the story of Anne Boleyn’s final days.

The Tudors have clearly influenced the Ridgway’s life in every way, even though when we asked the kids what they thought, they replied ‘boring!’ We were lucky enough to see the room from which Claire runs her Anne Boleyn empire and she showed us all the merchandise that is available to buy from the website. For our film, the best images by far are the dolls of Henry VIII and Anne and the Anne puppet!

We interviewed Claire about her website and her love for the Tudors. I don’t want to spoil what she said so check back here soon for the interview!

Have a look at these images, which were taken by Tim.


Charli Burden

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