Monthly Archives: May 2012

We have been lucky enough to wangle an interview with feminist historian Susan Bordo!

Susan is writing the book The Creation of Anne Boleyn, which will be published in January 2013. The book will look at Anne’s posthumous image over the years to see how her image has changed. It’s been particularly interesting corresponding with Susan because I wrote my undergraduate dissertation on the same topic (just with far less intelligence, depth and breadth!)

Susan has also been speaking to young Anne fans to find out why they are so interested by her as well as interviewing the actresses, novelists and historian. The book sounds fascinating and it is highly anticipated.

The interview with Susan should really get to the heart of why Anne is so fascinating to young fans now and how she has been turned into a cultural construct to appeal to young women.

Unfortunately for us, Susan is based out at the University of Kentucky and she isn’t going to be in the UK until next year. I thought that meant the interview was completely out of the question. But, we were very fortunate in that the technical team at the university agreed to film the interview and ask our questions. Perfect!

The interview has happened and we are waiting for it to arrive on UK shores!

Charli Burden