Alison Weir

Back in April, Becca Attfield and I went to meet historian Alison Weir at her home in Surrey. We only had space for a minute clip of Alison in the final film so I thought I’d share more of her interview with you here. It was an absolutely fascinating interview as you will find out…!

Alison told us that Anne Boleyn has become so popular because she has become a celebrity. She also had some very interesting things to say about The Tudors, the television series!

But the rise in young fans idolising Anne Boleyn does worry Alison. Here she told us about her concerns that this new trend could damage Anne’s historical legacy.

Despite this, Alison told us how she could have been seduced by this trend if she had not become a historian.

“Anne Boleyn is seen as modern woman”, Alison told us, “but her power came from a man”. So is there an Anne Boleyn cult?

Many thanks to Alison for taking the time to speak to us on this fascinating topic and to Becca Attfield for filming.



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