Susan Bordo

Susan Bordo is writing the book The Creation of Anne Boleyn, in which she explores why Anne Boleyn is so interesting to our society now. More details of the book can be found here.

I was going to upload one of the edited clips from the interview with Susan, but then I discovered that Susan has uploaded the raw footage onto YouTube. So instead of a three minute clip, you can now watch a fascinating twelve minute film!

In the interview, Susan talks about the mean girl Anne Boleyn in Philippa Gregory’s The Other Boleyn Girl and how this links into ideas of femininity in the twentieth century. She also speaks about how Anne’s image has changed through time and how our modern cultural views have influenced how Anne is portrayed.

We were lucky enough to be able to include an interview with Susan in our film. This might not sound like such a feat, but Susan is based at Kentucky University and we were based in London with no budget!

Our huge thanks go to Susan and her technical team who filmed the interview for us and we can’t wait for the book!

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  1. Excellent analysis of of how women view themselves historically. Gregory as a Feminist presents Anne as an evil temptress who was agressively responsible for her own downfall. Classic woman as whore vs. woman as madonna. Interesting.

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