Welcome to The Boleyn Project!

We are Charli Burden and Kathryn Dowling, two MA Broadcast Journalism students at City University.

For our final project at City, we are making a seven minute television film about the rise of young Anne Boleyn fans since the publication of Philippa Gregory’s ‘The Other Boleyn Girl’ in 2001.

This blog will follow our journey of making the film from our initial ideas meetings to filming days to the final film.

Stick with us as we visit historic palaces, interview well known historians and authors, and try to fully  understand why Anne Boleyn is such a fascinating figure to young women around the globe.

Charli Burden

I’ve been a Tudor fan since I first learnt about Henry VIII and his six wives at junior school.

I was lucky enough to be able to continue studying the Tudors through school and university, and this culminated in writing my undergraduate dissertation on Anne Boleyn’s posthumous image.

When the chance came to make a seven minute film for our masters course, I jumped at the chance to explore the topic in more detail.

This website has been created and updated by myself as I’m enjoying this project far too much for my own good!

For more about me, click on my website charliburden.wordpress.com or 


Kathryn Dowling

It’s fair to say it’s a while since I left school, studied history and immersed myself in the wonder and naughtiness of the medieval court.

This project is a welcome revival of my love of this era, fuelled by my partner in film, the Boleyn project in house historian, Charli Burden.

I’ll be contributing to this very site soon. Stand by for a lateral look at a fascinating topic…

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