The final film is finished and I’m pleased to report that we got a great mark for it so Kathryn and I are very pleased.

We’ve used a couple of clips from The Other Boleyn Girl and the theme music from The Tudors in our final film because it wasn’t going to be broadcast externally. At the moment, I’m trying to get permission for this copyrighted material so I can post the film up on this site. It may be a while before I can put it up here so I hope the clips have been interesting! Either that or I shall be re-editing!

The finished DVDs are on their way across the UK and the world to all our contributors.

I just really wanted to say thank you to everyone who has got in contact with me to share their love for Anne Boleyn. I received an inbox full of emails from Anne admirers and as a Tudor fan myself, it was amazing to share your stories. It’s been an absolutely fascinating project to work on and hopefully I might be remaking this for broadcast in the future.

Our biggest thanks go to Sophie Walker, Kelly Du Buisson, Michaela Clement-Hayes, Rachel McNeil, Alison Weir, Claire Ridgway and family, Philippa Gregory, Susan Bordo and her technical team, and Julie O’Leary at West Ham United.


Kathryn and I were lucky enough to spend a fantastic morning filming at Hever Castle today.

We were extremely fortunate as the castle was closed to the public and Sue, the lovely lady working in the Estate Office who gave us a tour, told us that they let students come and film once a year. We are incredibly grateful that we are the lucky students!

I’ve wanted to come and visit the castle for many years and never quite made it, so I was incredibly excited!

Much like Penshurst Place, Hever Castle is set in the stunning Kent countryside. The fantastic weather showed off the castle to its best and if you haven’t been, it is a must for all Tudor fans!

We visited Hever Castle this morning to get footage for the voiceovers in the film and the castle is so beautiful that we lost sight of this and filmed far too much!

We also filmed our pieces to camera in the courtyard and after about a million takes each, I think Sue and my mum (the chauffeur!) had got very bored with us! We were also nearly hit by a nesting duck which decided to dive bomb us. I’m not sure if that is on film, but if it is it will certainly make the out-take reel! It was heart attack number 2 moment of filming!

Hever Castle also has a long history. The oldest part of the castle dates to 1270. In the early 1500s the Boleyn family bought the castle so it became the childhood home of its most famous inhabitant, Anne Boleyn.

It later passed into the ownership of Henry’s fourth wife, Anne of Cleves. From 1557 onwards the Castle was owned by a number of families including the Waldegraves, the Humfreys and the Meade Waldos. Finally, in 1903, William Waldorf Astor restored the castle and built the ‘Tudor Village’, gardens and lake.

Hever Castle has become a must-see site for Anne Boleyn fans and is one of the key sites on any Anne Boleyn pilgrimage. It’s easy to see why. Hever has many Anne portraits, fans can see her bedroom (which is incredibly small!) and the castle also houses Anne’s Book of Hours.

Once we have edited the footage from the visit, we will put it up on site so you can have a look.

Do go and visit Hever Castle!

Charli Burden